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Over time, you may lose your teeth due to various reasons. At Apollo Family Dental, we can provide affordable full or partial dentures for people who want to replace their missing teeth.

Dentures are removable artificial teeth that replace lost teeth. Generally made from acrylic materials, they’re designed to match the unique contours of your mouth. Our Coburg denture clinic can provide dentures that ensure you can continue performing basic everyday tasks such as chewing foods and speaking comfortably. Our dentures  Coburg may also support your facial muscles, preventing the drooping that might occur when you have missing teeth.

What Maintenance is required?

Maintenance for cosmetic dentures in Coburg can vary depending on whether you’re fitted with full or partial dentures.

Over time, full dentures can start to loosen due to the bone in your jaw being resorbed. If you begin to notice looseness, your dentures may need relining. Relining is the process of adding more acrylic to ensure the dentures fit the new height of your jaw bone.

For partial dentures, it’s important to properly care for any remaining teeth that are used to support the dentures. Looking after your teeth and minimising the risk of gum disease and cavities is the best way of maintaining your partial dentures.

For both partial and full dentures, regular cleaning is essential. All dentures should be brushed at least twice a day with a toothbrush and toothpaste, and care should be taken to rinse them after every meal.

Enquire About Dentures Today

If you want to learn more about our cosmetic denture services, contact Apollo Family Dental today. Call us on (03) 9386 5225 or send us a message online to request a consultation with our dentist, who can determine if you require permanent dentures and advise which option is best suited to you.


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