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Time To Make Those Teeth Sparkling White

There are many everyday factors that can cause teeth discoloration. Smoking, taking certain antibiotics, and drinking coffee, tea and soft drinks can all stain your teeth. At Apollo Family Dental, we are proud to offer professional teeth whitening for those wanting to brighten their smile and boost self-confidence.

Our affordable teeth whitening cosmetic treatments are safe and non-invasive, offering noticeable results within short periods of time. The teeth whitening cost will depend on the number of treatments you require to achieve your optimal outcome. Depending on the severity of stained teeth, you may require just one appointment or multiple appointments.

Common Questions

How Teeth Whitening Works?

Professional teeth whitening works by removing staining and discolouration located within the tiny pores of the enamel. These stains block out light, which makes teeth look darker. By using bleaching agents to remove deep and surface stains, our treatment penetrates the enamel and allows light to more easily pass through the tooth structure, producing a whitening effect for stained teeth. This process makes the teeth look lighter and more aesthetically pleasing, helping patients to achieve a brighter and whiter smile. For longer-lasting results, we highly recommend visiting our dental clinic for more effective professional teeth whitening in Coburg.

What Can Cause Stains On Your Teeth?

There are many everyday factors that can cause teeth discoloration. Smoking or chewing tobacco is one of the biggest causes of staining, as tobacco is known to discolour the teeth. Consuming certain foods and drinks can also affect the colour of teeth. For example, drinking tea, coffee, soft drink and red wine can discolour teeth, while eating foods such as berries, soy sauce and curries can cause staining. Poor dental hygiene can also cause teeth to look less white, so it’s important to ensure

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Yes, when administered by a dentist within the environment of a dental clinic, teeth whitening is safe. Many people choose not to undergo teeth whitening as they think the bleaching agents used can cause damage to the teeth or affect their health, but this isn’t true when conducted by a professional. While side effects such as sensitivity can occur, the treatment isn’t dangerous and doesn’t pose a risk to health. Before you begin tooth whitening treatment, your dentist will advise you on whether you’re a suitable candidate. If you suffer from sensitive teeth, worn enamel or gum disease, your dentist may advise against treatment.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

The longevity of teeth whitening will often depend on the person. While the effects of whitening can last up to three years, most people find that a treatment keeps their teeth white for around a year. Results can differ depending on a range of factors, such as the extent of staining and how well the teeth are looked after following the teeth whitening treatment. You can extend this period by ensuring you brush your teeth twice a day, giving up smoking, and avoiding the consumption of staining foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, berries and soy sauce.

How Often Do I Need to Get My Teeth Whitened?

The frequency of teeth whitening can depend on a range of factors, including lifestyle, the condition of the teeth and severity of stained teeth. Typically, you can expect to need teeth whitening around once a year. If you have severe staining or are susceptible to tooth discolouration, your dentist may recommend teeth whitening at a more regular interval. Conversely, your dentist may inform you that your teeth only need whitening every few years. Typically, people who smoke or consume staining foods and drinks will require teeth whitening more often than people who take steps to avoid staining their teeth.

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

Professional teeth whitening cost can vary depending on the whitening method used and the frequency of treatment. To request an estimate of the teeth whitening cost, speak to our friendly dentist. They’ll be able to consult with you to determine your needs and come up with a treatment plan that’s tailored to your teeth. The cost of teeth whitening may be higher if staining is severe and treatment is required more often. To lower the cost of teeth whitening over time and minimise the number of treatments you require, it’s recommended that you take care to avoid foods and drinks that can cause staining.

Whiten Your Teeth Today

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